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The Game Changing Assist: Six Simple Ways to Choose Success is an intriguing read for middle school and high school students which equips them with character development skills. Through adolescent struggles disclosed in the book, the readers will be able to relate and learn from Angela's experiences. Ultimately they realize, their daily decisions create there destiny. Angela challenges readers to be conscious of their decision making in six areas of their lives.

The Game Changing Assist Workbook guides youth through practical activities that allow them to create a roadmap for their futures. Students will create vision boards, daily affirmations etc and learn exactly what it takes to accomplish their goals. This book accompanies the Game Changing Assist: Six Simple Ways to Choose Success and is ideal for summer programs, after school programs, youth organizations and school groups. Each session empowers students to think critically about their daily choices.

What separates someone who transitions successfully from college from someone who doesn't are the mentors they have in place to guide them. Given the disparity in pay between women and men in the workplace, it is imperative that female athletes have a team of people ready to coach them to the next level. This book is designed to provide female athletes with insights from successful women who overcame challenges after playing college sports. The issues addressed in this book offer a realistic and optimistic glimpse of life after college.