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The picture to the left is me in the fifth grade standing five feet eight inches tall. Clearly I was taller than all of my classmate and most of my teachers as well. I was incredibly insecure in my own skin and even as an adult sometimes I’ve felt like the little girl you see pictured, in the grown woman clothes.

However playing basketball changed everything for me! I’ve played and coached at every level. Now, I am incredibly passionate about helping young women recognize what’s possible and what’s positive by sharing the experiences of so many dynamic women I’ve met throughout my life.

Over the past 15 years I’ve had numerous conversations with young women about their challenges, dreams and triumphs. Some of them are mentees, little cousins, nieces, athletes, friend’s daughters etc and all are attempting to figure out life.

My goal is to always open doors of opportunity to ensure that I’m giving much more than I take from this life. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned and done with more young women globally.

For women looking to share their experience I am happy to help you write your book and spread your expertise as well.

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